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XYZinks.com was founded in the summer of 2002. Over a decade XYZinks has been providing consumers with great deals on inkjet cartridges and toners. XYZinks.com was founded on simple principles of providing great customer service and high quality products to end users, and to also save consumers money. XYZinks.com over the years has been involved in various platforms to help consumers.

At XYZinks we strive to provide the highest quality inkjet cartridges to our customers, and we go through vendor selection by testing their products on our printers and ensuring the end quality we expect for ourselves for every single of our customers.  Also we take pride in providing our customers with great customer service, we guarantee our products to be defect free, ready to use when it arrives at your location, if for any reason there is an issue with the product, we will replace the product for you free of charge.

 We are also firm believers of keeping our planet as green as possible. For many years we have been told about global warming, we have taken a step towards saving our planets by using green products and green manufacturers and also by recycling old cartridges, lets work together and save our planet. 

We have a dedicated management team, eager to help you as our customers. Please feel free to contact the management team anytime in regards to any concerns you have with customer service or our products and our management team will address the issues as soon as possible. management@xyzinks.com  or contact us via USPS
P.O.Box 8384
Calabasas, CA 91372